Partnering with world-class industry leaders

Market/Application partners. In order to leverage its systems in multiple vertical markets, Cysec SA is partnering with leading companies in their respective fields among them, METACO and Algotrader for Digital Asset management for financial applications, GEOSATIS for IoT and critical infrastructures, Sysmosoft for Digital Signature, and more …

Technology/Innovation. Cysec SA is partnering with leading edge cybersecurity research centers in order to maintain its competitive advantage and bring technological innovations in the cybersecurity field. Even though Cysec SA is still a young company it is supported by multiple governmental entities for its developments among them “Canton de Vaud”, SPEI, INNOSUISSE and EUREKA-EUROSTARS.

Blockchain with Cysec. As cryptocurrency trading volume and asset tokenization rise, the capital market is showing an exponential interest for integrating crypto assets into wealth management portfolios. The strategic partnership between Cysec SA and SA allows the companies to offer an outstanding hardware-secure digital asset management solution designed for the leading financial institutions around the world.

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We partner with world-class industry leaders in order to bring our systems to multiple markets. If you’d like to become a partner, or work with our partners, get in touch.

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