Combining deep security knowledge with extensive industry experience. We’re a team made up of leading cryptographers, software security specialists and renowned hardware engineers from around the world. Cysec is equipped to deliver agile security solutions for the most challenging infrastructures around the world and beyond, ready for the new quantum resistant cybersecurity challenge.

Cysec Team
Patrick Trinkler
Yacine Felk
Alexandre Karlov
Mathieu Bailly
VP Space & IoT
Giulia Traverso
Principal Cryptographer
Valentin Finini
Security Lead Engineer
Mike Belopuhov
Senior Systems Engineer
Lawrence Stalder
Software Engineer
Joel Gugger
Security Engineer
Maxime Burri
Software Engineer
Julien Cornut
Software Engineer
Sylvain Willy
Software Engineer
Matteo Besançon
IT Engineer
Cysec Board of Directors
Gonpo Tsering
Chairman of the Board
Patrick Trinkler
Board Member
Yacine Felk
Board Member
Cysec Advisory Board
José Achache
Advisory Board Member - Space
Olivier Macé
Advisory Board Member - Finance

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